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Hello world! I am Ivy League Ink, a 57 year old Alternative Model, sharing my age embracing journey with the universe. In only 5 short years, I have opened doors that I never expected to even knock upon. From independent magazine covers to newsstand tattoo magazines, my dreams are becoming reality. Modeling genres from boudoir to horror and everything in between, I am professional, easy to work with, and will give you my all, every time. 



Since one of my main goals is to diminish the stigma of heavily tattooed people, I want it known that I am Ivy League educated with a Master of Arts degree in Deaf Education. As a  (now retired) tattooed teacher, I seek to let the world know that tattoos are not part of my resumé. 


Model of the Year 2018 for Digital Merit Magazine!

IVY LEAGUE INK is now part of the TWISTED ANGELS!!!!

So honored and humbled to announce that I am named as one of the "FACES" of the Alternative Model Directory!!!! Update, Ivy League Ink is now The Alternative Model Directory US Model of the YEAR 2017! This website ranked number one as well!!! 


As a promo model for Samhain Contact Lenses, it is my duty and pleasure to bring many fantasy concepts to life.

I am versatile, reliable, and definitely not a cookie cutter model.

Creativity has no limits!

New Publication for Sale! Ivy League Ink Retired & Revealed Volume One


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